Design features

  1. Add Text
    User can add text by clicking on “Add Text” button. When click on add text button it will add default text “Your Text” on stage in editable mode. User can edit the text as needed with multiline text. After edit text click on “Done” button or click outside the box, it will show the Text other options in window, where user can change other text options as below:
    1. Edit text by click on edit text button or double click on text
    2. Add multiline text
    3. Move text anywhere on design area by drag n drop
    4. Text resize, rotate or remove by clicking/dragging related handler.
    5. Colors (Select from available colors) by printing type
    6. Select/Change printing type
    7. Use Glitter/Texture as text color (If available)
    8. Change font
    9. Browse fonts by category
    10. Fonts preview
    11. Text spacing
    12. Text Align/Inline position for multiline text (left, right, center)
    13. Text Outline (Outline 1 and Outline 2)
    14. Adjust outline color and thickness for outline 1 and outline 2
    15. Text Shadow (Shadow distance, Angle and color)
    16. No fill/transparent color option if have outline for the object
    17. User color input option (This option is optional, can adjust by admin)
    18. Text effect (Coming Soon)
    19. Bold / Italic (if have on added fonts)
    20. Multiple object selection and move
    21. Duplicate Text
    22. Remove text
    23. Flip Horizontal/Vertical
    24. Text Width and height input option
    25. Resize text width and height lock by ratio.
    26. Rotation by input option
    27. Text opacity
  2. Add Clipart
    Add clipart works two ways:
    1. From clipart module/page
      User browse on cliparts module/page by category/subcategory, choose a clipart and click on “DESIGN IT” button, it will load the DesignLab with the selected clipart and default product.
    2. On DesignLab by clicking “Add Clipart” Button
      When user clicks on “Add Clipart” button, it will show the clipart browser window where user selects a clipart by category/subcategory. On mouse over on clipart thumb it will show the name and price (if have any) for clipart, by clicking on clipart, it will add the selected clipart with selected (current) product.
      1. Clipart features
        1. lClipart load option via unique URL
        2. Browse Clipart by category / subcategory (Window)
        3. Popular Clipart show by default category (This can manage from admin if do not need to show popular Clipart list).
        4. Support raster and vector clipart
        5. Show as original color by printing type (which is set from admin)
        6. Change clipart colors from available by printing type (multiple as vector clipart)
        7. Color code can input by user, specially for Digital printing type (this option is adjustable, it can be set by admin if this option will be available or not)
        8. On click on the clipart it will show clip property window (multiple)
        9. Unlimited Clipart parts/colors (by default it will show how admin set the clipart parts/colors by print type)
        10. Move clipart anywhere on design area by drag n drop
        11. Clipart resize, rotate or remove by clicking/dragging related handler.
        12. Multipart (as set from admin clip parts) color change by clicking related color icon
        13. Select/Change printing type for selected clipart
        14. Use Glitter/Texture as Clipart color/part (If available)
        15. Use no color/transparent color for a clip part/color
        16. Multiple object selection and move
        17. Duplicate clipart
        18. Remove Clipart
        19. Flip Horizontal/Vertical
        20. Clipart Width and height input option
        21. Resize clipart width and height lock by ratio.
        22. Rotation by input option
        23. Clip opacity
        24. Search clipart
  3. Add QR Code
    User Click on “Add QR Code” button it will open QR code adding window
    1. Vector QR code generation
    2. Wright QR text as required
    3. Click “Generate QR” Button, will show the QR preview below.
    4. Enable QR background option/transparent background
    5. Click “DONE” button, will add the generated QR to selected (current) product
    6. After adding to product QR code features will work like as vector clipart.
    7. User can change QR color, printing type, resize, rotate all features will work as vector clipart
  4. Upload (Upload Your Own Image)
    To upload custom photo, click on “Upload Your Own Image” button, it will open upload window from where user can upload their photo as needed.
    1. Upload Photo (From my computer)
      User clicks on browse button and select photo to upload, it will show the selected photo on upload window. Clicks on “DONE ADD TO PRODUCT” button will upload the photo and load on selected product.
    2. Add photo from URL/web
      User input photo URL in input box and click “Retrieve” button, it will load the selected photo on upload window. Clicks on “DONE ADD TO PRODUCT” button will upload the photo and load on selected product.
    3. Edit photo option (Coming soon)
    4. Show upload progress bar
    5. Supported file types JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP
    6. Select photo printing method (Can’t change raster photo color)
    7. Resize, rotate by dragging handler
    8. Duplicate photo
    9. Remove photo
    10. Flip Horizontal/Vertical
    11. Photo Width and height input option
    12. Resize photo width and height lock by ratio.
    13. Rotation by input option
    14. Photo opacity
    15. My Gallery
      1. User can save the uploaded photo to galley for future use. User will be promoted to login first before upload photo to save the uploaded photo/design to save in his account. After user login and upload any photo will be added to user account and later user can see and add saved images/design to customize products.
      2. Saved image list view
      3. Deleted from saved galley
      4. Add to product from gallery
      5. Edit photo with given option and add to product
    16. Upload any size raster photo (will be based on server php cache size)
  5. Personalized Name or Numbers
    By clicking “Personalized Name or #”, user can add team name and numbers to his selected product (Side). It will open name and number selection and input window where user can check if he needs name or number, or both. Input name and number by selected size.
    1. sdf
    2. Select Name or number option only. Or select both option  (If needed)
    3. Remove name & number by uncheck option
    4. Edit size and quantity for name and numbers
    5. Input desire name or/and numbers by selected size
    6. Add name or/and numbers to any side of product, it will add the name or/and numbers on selected side of the product.
    7. Select/change name or/and numbers fonts (will show the available fonts for name or/and numbers by admin)
    8. Select name or/and numbers print type and colors
    9. Move and position name or/and numbers
    10. Resize name or/and numbers
    11. Name or/and numbers spacing
    12. Name or/and numbers outline and shadow as text
    13. All text features will work name or/and numbers
  6. Browse Design Idea (Coming soon)
    Browse design idea by category/subcategory.
  7. Clipart module/page
    Browse shop cliparts by category/subcategory
    1. View clipart
    2. “Design it” button to customize product with selected clipart
  8. My Saved design module/page
    Login to user account to view my saved design
    1. View all saved design
    2. “Customize & order” button to edit and order the saved design which will load in DesignLab with saved design, can customize and make order.
    3. Delete design from saved
  9. Design Idea module/page (Coming soon)
  10. Template module/page (Coming soon)

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