Frontend features

  1. Theme
    New design (several design options as theme)
  2. Settings
    Designer Settings (features/tabs/buttons) can be mange from admin as needed
  3. Designer language:
    Synchronize with shopping cart language. If website/shopping cart language are change designer language will match with the website language.
  4. Zoom button
    User can zoom in/out the design area for better design experience
  5. Show Ruler
    User can see the design area size (based on selected size unit) by clicking show ruler button
  6. Grid View
    User can see the Grid on design area (based on selected size unit) by clicking Grid view button
  7. Change size unit
    User can change the size unit (INCH, CM, FEET) while designing for better design experience in his desire size unit.
  8. Edit Layer
    User can view the all added design layers on current side. Here user can see the small thumb and name of the design elements. User can manage layers from this window up/down layer by clicking up/down arrow, delete an element by click cross button.
  9. Clear Design/Start over
    User can clear all design and start over by click “clear design” button. User will see confirm window before clear all the design. By clicking ok it will remove all added deigns on current product.
  10. User HELP (?)
    By clicking help icon, user can see designer help/how to make a design by using designer options.
  11. Print Design
    After user complete design and before make order user can print/save his design as raster file for reference.
  12. Share Design
    User can share his crated design though social network like Facebook, Twitter, Google + etc or get the design link and share manually or by email with a name/comment, it will increase website marketing. After user share the design link and someone click on the design link it will directly open on DesignLab with the design and user can edit the design and order or save as they need.
  13. Save Design
    After user make a design and want to save on his/her account to make order later, user can save on their account with a design name, later they can login to their user account and customize it again and make order/share online.
  14. Full screen View
    User can use the design as full screen view to deign on more large view.

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Easy to use

Anything you change will be reflected immediately on the preview. Upload artwork and save vector SVG files!

Lifetime license

One-time payment. No other hidden fees. No monthly costs, royalties or revenue sharing ever!

Fully manageable

Take control on products, pricing, printing types, fonts, colors, and artwork using Products Designer