Ordering features

  • Edit Quantity
    Click on “Edit Quantity” button to select size and quantity from available for selected product. It will open size and quantity window.
    • Sizes will show by size category set for this product by admin
    • Size label show with extra (added) size price, if have any
    • User input desire quantity under desire size; it will automatically update total quantity and price.
    • Check minimum/maximum product order qty option for every products (if set from shopping cart admin)
  • Add to Cart
    After complete customization, user will click “Add to Cart” button. It will open item summary window.
  • Item Summary
    Here user will see the item details and pricing details for review before go to checkout.
    • View selected product name
    • Total product base price + Product added option price (if have any)
    • Total print cost for all quantity selected
    • Total quantity added
    • Order total (Total price)
    • Edit size & quantity (if user need to change size & quantity user change update from this window)
    • View size chart (user can see the size chart window)
    • Add special instruction with deign (if user want to write something)
    • Proceed to checkout (see details below)
    • Back to design
    • If user needs to change/edit design, click on back button.
    • Save design (can save design to account from here)
    • Share design (can share design from here)
  • Add Special design instruction
  • Proceed to Checkout
    After review user click on “Proceed to checkout” button it will save user design, create thumb image and add to shopping cart.
    • Save user design for cart
    • Create all side thumb image with added design
    • Add to shopping cart
    • User will see the cart adding status and progress
    • After cart adding complete it will redirect to shopping cart page
  • Get A Quote
    After maker a design if user want to get a special quote for large quantity or any other reason, user can request for a quote with his design. After click on “Get a Quote” button it will open a new window where user will input Name, email, phone and extra comments or requirements details. After submit the form, site admin will get an email with details and user design download link. From when admin can download user reference design and get back to client with quote.
  • Shopping cart (Edit /re-edit design from shopping cart)
    In shopping cart user will see the added custom design with thumb view of all sides of added product and design.
    • View design thumb (all sides of product)
    • Edit design
      • Edit design from shopping cart and add to cart again after edit the design.
      • Add the same design to other product by go to edit and change the product in DesignLab, it will add separate item with same design if user needs.
    • Delete design
      Delete design will delete only selected design from shopping cart.
    • View total price with custom design price
    • View selected size and quantity
    • View added comments
    • Can add multiple design with same product
    • Can add multiple product and design
    • Can add multiple products with same design.
  • Pricing (Live Price Quote)
    DesignLab Custom design pricing, which will see instantly while designing a product, change design side or color, choose product option, choose quantity all price will show live (based on printing type pricing setting from admin) while designing.
    Custom pricing come two ways:
  • Product customization(option) pricing
    • Product base price + Product option added price
    • Product color extra price (if have any)
    • Product size extra price (if have any)
    • Product style extra price (if have any)
    • Tax added price (get from shopping cart tax option)
    • Product discount/Quantity discount deduction (get from shopping cart discount option)
  • Custom Design pricing
    • Custom Design price calculate based on selected printing type
    • Different pricing structure by added printing types from admin
    • Printing type setup fee
    • No setup fee for product quantity over (as set from admin), like “0” setup fee for product quantity over 50.
    • Full color photo print price (for raster full color print), can be based on size or full print.
    • Text per character price
    • Name and number price (Per name and per number price)
    • Design (object) per square inch price
    • Maximum color support option by print type
    • Per side color per price
    • Per color price based on color qty used (color price will be vary with number of colors used)
    • Color and product quantity price option (for example 5 color print for 12 product, per color price is $1 and 5 color print on 50 product per color price will be $0.7)
    • Color added price (if have any)
    • Clipart added price (If have any)
    • All these pricing option can be manage from admin by printing type as needed
  • Output Pack (Including Print Ready vector design files)
    To download the design pack from admin, view order details and under ordered item there is a button named “Export Design”. It will open a new window with related download links. Click on related download link and it will download the zip pack of user design.
    Output zip pack contains number of files including all product/design sides PNG preview with product as user created, textual design details, textual product details, name & number details and all side Print Ready Vector (SVG) output of ordered designs.
    • All sides vector design files
    • Embedded raster image within SVG files (if have any)
    • Vector files can open illustrator and print or can edit as separate layers (if needed)
    • All sides preview image (PNG) with product and design
    • All sides design (object) textual details including used print type, name, size, color used etc.
    • Ordered product textual details including product name/id, color selected, options selected, size ordered etc.
    • Name and number textual details as given by user including size, name and numbers entered.

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