Product features

  1. Choose Product/Edit Product
    User can choose a product to customize/design in two ways:
    1. From shopping cart/Website
      Users browse on shopping cart/website and select a product to customize. User will see a “Customize it” button on product list or detail view (which product is added as customizable product), user click on “Customize it” button and it will load selected product on DesignLab.
    2. Within DesignLab
      User click on “Change product” button it will load the product browser window. User can view the product thumb and name, on mouse over view the price of the product. User can browse category and select a product to customize.

      If user already add some design on product and try to change the product, it will show a warning message that some clip/text color may change as selected product may have different print type/colors then what he used in his design, here if user confirm product will change and his design print type/colors will automatically match with selected product available print type/colors.And the total design size will math with newly selected product design area (as different product comes with different design area and size).
  2. Edit/Change Product Color
    User can select/change product color by clicking “Edit product color” button. Here product color change option will come two ways (based on product settings from admin):
    1. Normal color change option
      For simple product (which have no extra product option to select or separate color option for other side or parts), it will show available product color options and user can select one of them for selected product.  Admin can set price for product color if available, like a black color t-shirt can cost more than a while color t-shirt
    2. Advance color change option
      For advance product (which have extra product options to select or separate color option for other side or parts), it will show item color window to change available product options/parts color by showing color icon/part names (which set from admin). In this type of product user can select different color for different part of product (for ex: a jersey have separate parts body, collar, top, bottom, left, right etc) and user can select different colors (from available)
    3. Change Style
      User can change style of a product part (if available) by clocking “Change Style” button from available product options like if they need a different pocket user can add/remove pocket (or any other options available), also can choose pocket style from available. It will add extra price also as set by admin.

      Admin can set price for product color, extra option and styles if available, like a black color t-shirt can cost more than a while color t-shirt and a full sleeve t-shirt can cost more than half sleeve t-shirt or different style cost can be different
  3. Product side
    User can choose product side to customize (like front, back, left, right or given name by admin). When user select a side, user added design will be add on selected side. Here user can see the added designs as small view. Admin can add unlimited number of sides for user customization
  4. Other products features
    1. Product load option via unique URL
    2. Browse products by category / subcategory (Window)
    3. Popular Product show by default category (This can manage from admin if do not need to show popular products list)
    4. Default product (admin can set default product which will load by default when DesignLab loads)
    5. Unlimited product sides (front, back, left, right, sleeve and more….)
    6. Available Product Size view by size category
    7. Set Supported Printing type/technique for product (Ex: Screen Print, Digital print, Vanyl Print etc.). Admin can set available for a product
    8. Any shape/custom design area for product (also can use the product image as design area)
    9. Supported product extra options (or supported accessories, user can add from available)
    10. Show the user design on thumb of product sides in small proportion size
    11. Product color set (easy manage product color set)
    12. Add multiple designs marking area (not design area) within products design area (example - pocket, body etc.), it will only show the added mark area for reference. Can add rectangular or rounded mark area from admin

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